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Interior Design

▶️Interior Design▶️ By definition, it is “the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.” Related to architecture, interior design involves designing man-made spaces to make them pleasant and comfortable. ▶️Interior Designer▶️ is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. ⚡What does an interior designer do?⚡ ➕An interior designer makes the wish to have beautiful, plush homes come true and makes places worth living. ➕Professional interior designers possess the working knowledge of space planning, textiles, color schemes and more. ➕They work with architects, engineers & builders to plan the look and function of indoor spaces. ▶️Interior Design Tools▶️ ✅AutoCAD This 2D and 3D designing software is by far the most widely-used design tool in the market today – so it’s no wonder that this tool is featured on our list! AutoCAD used extensively by a wide range of professionals – including graphic designers, real-estate tour creators, industrial and environmental engineers, game animators, interior designers, and architects. ✅3Ds Max This tool is well-known for its excellent capabilities in 3D interior design planning, modeling, simulation, and rendering, as well as animation for films, motion graphics, industrial product design, and video games. 3Ds Max is also adept at displaying a range of textures & fixtures within your design, including realistic fur and hair, human motion simulation, and particle simulation. ✅Revit This BIM (building information modeling) tool is wildly popular in 3D interior design, structural engineering, and architectural design. Revit enables users to easily create structural models and collaborate with teammates, while working within current interior design trends such as sustainable floor plans and analysis of energy. ✅SketchUp SketchUp’s 3D design software is a user-friendly application that is helpful for interior designers with 3D modeling needs. Users can work within SketchUp’s platform to create custom 3D products and animations, without having to use multiple tools to plan, design, and create. ⚡Scope⚡ ✅With an evolving lifestyle and fast-paced urbanization, the scope of interior design has grown significantly, making it one of the most sought after professions in India today. ✅The market trend shows a remarkable growth in the demand of interior designers. ✅Many people rely on professionals to design spaces to achieve a comfortable and happy living. ✅With booming property prices, Indian homes are becoming smaller and house owners seem to have found the solution to space crisis in the face of interior designing. ✅People are attracted to have theme-based interiors and styles to make their homes stand out, leading to the potential increase in interior design jobs in the coming years. ⚡Demand⚡ ✅The interior design market is expected to see an exponential growth by 2025 globally. ✅As per MarketWatch, in 2018, interior design market was valued at 130,100 million USD and can expect a potential (CAGR) growth rate of 8.5% between 2019-2024, leading the market to be valued at 212,300. ✅Talking about Indian Market, in a research conducted by CII, the number of designers in India was estimated at 36,387 out of which 10.17% were interior designers. ✅As per a report by Brandongaille , interior design jobs are expected to see an estimated increase by 13% in the next decade. ✅Going by the increasing number of people opting for interior design, the demand for interior designers is bound to significantly increase in the years to come. ⚡Benefits⚡ • The industry may already be sizable but is nonetheless growing as the demands increase at an extraordinary pace worldwide. • Very few creative industries offer such an extraordinary level of freedom when it comes to creativity. • It offers job satisfaction when you see your creativity turn into reality in front of your eyes. • Interior designing is highly flexible and accommodating in the contemporary sector. • It offers financial rewards as the potential earnings are simply limitless. ▶️Benefits of Using an Interior Designer 1. Designers Are Experts 2. Designers Save You Time And Money 3. Designers are Well Connected 4. Designers Tie The Entire Project Together 5. Designers Make Spaces More Functional And Appealing 6. Designers Deliver The Latest Trends 7. Designers Add Value ▶️Call us : +91 99269 89777 ▶️Visit us: