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कारगिल विजय दिवस की बधाई

▶️कारगिल विजय दिवस पर कारगिल युद्ध शहीदों और बहादुरों को कोटी कोटी वंदन। ⚡Kargil Vijay Diwas, named after the successful Operation Vijay, is celebrated in India on 26 July. The Kargil war was fought for more than 60 days, ended on 26 July and resulted in loss of life on both the sides. Kargil was a military, political and diplomatic victory for India which observes the 21st anniversary of Kargil Vijay Divas on Sunday in honour of the men who lost their lives in the war. The Kargil War or the Kargil Conflict took place between May 3 and July 26, 1999, in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC). To honour the Kargil War's Heroes, who laid down their life for the country, a host of events and functions are organised all over the country to commemorate the contributions of the armed forces. ✅Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government was in power at the time of this war. ✅The war took place despite the two nations signing the Shimla Agreement. ✅Safed Sagar, the Indian Air Force's operation, was a major part of the Kargil war. ✅Kargil is one of the most recent and infamous examples of high-altitude warfare. ✅Kargil war was one of the few instances when war was fought between two nuclear states.